University of Bahrain to host international conference on 2030 Economic Vision

Manama, March 5 (BNA): An international conference focusing on Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 will start on March 19.

The two-day conference will be hosted by the University of Bahrain, which will highlight the legal impact of the scheme.

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa launched the road map in October 2008 as a pillar for economic development in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

University of Bahrain President Dr. Jawaher Shaheen Al-Madhaki said the economic vision is based on the guiding principles of sustainability, competitiveness and fairness.

The conference will discuss the main ideas, including sustainable economic development, economic crisis management, the business market, support for private projects, and investment attractiveness.

It is scheduled that academic researchers from the University of Bahrain and outside the Gulf and Arab countries will participate in the conference, which it is organizing

The College of Law and Business Administration will participate in organizing the conference at the E-Learning Center at the University of Bahrain.


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