Waqf Fund organizes fourth session of Distinguished Leader Series

Manama, May 8 (BNA): “God’s blessings, parents’ prayers, humility, love for people, and continuous learning are some of the essential elements for a leader’s success,” Dr. Mustafa Al-Sayed said in front of an audience of more than 70 Bahrainis. Bank leaders who have been invited as participants in various Waqf fund preparation programmes.

And dr. Mr. gave a presentation on modern management systems. He draws on his wide and varied experience managing leadership positions in several government organizations and cites examples to underscore key lessons. He was speaking at the Distinguished Leader session organized by the Endowment Fund.

Khaled Hamad Al-Hamad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Endowment Fund, received Dr. Mr. He presented him as a shining example of a brilliant Bahraini who started from scratch and worked hard to climb from the bottom of the ladder to the top. He described him as a visionary and successful leader who achieved great achievements through his work in several government institutions. He praised Dr. El-Sayed for his love for continuous learning and research.

Dr. Mustafa Al-Sayed thanked the Endowment Fund for the invitation and gave his presentation covering his career, achievements and leadership lessons. At the end of his speech, he answered a number of questions from the audience.

The main points from the session are as follows:

Modern management is a combination of art and science. It requires good people management skills and scientific accuracy in evaluating business opportunities and making strategic decisions

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The planning and implementation cycle consists of the mission/vision, objectives, strategy, implementation and feedback

Creativity, the right organizational culture and a motivated workforce are essential to success

Society needs basic financial support for all its members; Then education and economic development leading to employment and entrepreneurship will complete the virtuous cycle of long-term growth and stability

Management is usually task- and transaction-oriented and authority-based; Leadership is people-oriented, transformational, and relies on others to follow the leader’s role model. Managers simply follow the rules; Leaders think outside the box and take calculated risks to achieve their goals

A successful team consists of people who are creative, emotionally intelligent, collaborative, committed, have high moral values ​​and have a development mindset.

Mistakes by team members can be forgiven, but willful disregard for laws and regulations must not be tolerated

Spending quality time with family and friends is key to balancing professional and personal life

The Waqf Fund has been operating in Bahrain since 2006, serving the Islamic banking industry. Over the years it has launched several pioneering initiatives for the member institutions, their staff and the wider Islamic finance industry with the aim of developing the human resources working in Islamic finance.


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