UK to unveil new law to stop Channel migrants

London, March 5 (BNA): A new law to crack down on migrants arriving in Britain on small boats from Europe across the English Channel will be unveiled today, a senior minister said. Last year, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed. An agreement to send tens of thousands of migrants, many of whom made the journey from Afghanistan, Syria or other war-ridden countries, more than 4,000 miles (6,400 km) away to Rwanda.

But the first deportation flight planned in June was blocked by a last-minute injunction from the European Court of Human Rights, and the legality of the strategy was later challenged in London’s High Court, Reuters reported.

The British government had promised to step up action to tackle the issue after numbers making the crossing perilous rose to more than 45,000 last year.

The Sun reported on Sunday that the proposed new legislation would mean all those arriving on small boats would be judged not having their asylum claims accepted, and taken to a “safe third country” as soon as possible.

“Enough is enough. The British people want this problem resolved,” Home Secretary (Interior Minister) Sowella Braverman told the newspaper. “They are tired of harsh words and inadequate action. We must stop the boats.”

The number of migrants arriving on the English coast has more than doubled in the past two years. Tackling the issue was one of five key priorities set out in January by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose party is struggling in the election, under pressure from his own MPs. to find a solution.

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The High Court in London later ruled it legal in December, but opponents are seeking to appeal that ruling. The legal battle is expected to end in the UK Supreme Court and therefore may not be resolved for several months.

This policy has been denounced by human rights groups and even by King Charles.

Last November, Sunak agreed a deal with France to step up efforts to tackle illegal immigration, and he is due to travel to Paris this week for a bilateral meeting when the issue is set to be a major topic of discussion.


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