Export Bahrain, SFDA conduct Export Procedures workshop

Manama, Mar. 5 (BNA): The Bahraini Export Authority concluded an informational workshop entitled “Procedures for Exporting Foodstuffs, Medicines and Pharmaceuticals to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, which was presented by the Food and Drug Authority in coordination with Export Bahrain and “Export Bahrain”. Ministry of Health in Bahrain.

The workshop aimed to provide exporters with an introduction to the requirements and procedures that must be taken before exporting foodstuffs, medicines and pharmaceuticals to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The educational workshop mainly targeted the private sector to develop and increase its contribution to the economic development of the Kingdom.

The workshop, which was attended by 100 participants, brought together a diverse group of experts, industry leaders and stakeholders from both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to engage in insightful discussions on the complex and diverse procedures and regulations related to the export of products within the country. concerned industries.

Comprehensive presentations and interactive sessions provided attendees with a thorough understanding of the necessary documents, the role of the Ministry of Health in Bahrain, and the measures required to ensure compliance with the regulations set by the Food and Drug Authority.

The successful conclusion of this workshop demonstrates the strong commitment and continuous efforts of Export Bahrain and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority to enhance trade and trade exchange between the two countries and support the growth and success of businesses looking to expand in the Saudi market by facilitating export procedures and requirements. .

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This workshop is testament to the continuous efforts of both organizations to provide valuable resources and opportunities to companies, specifically in the pharmaceutical and food sectors, seeking to expand into the Saudi market.

Fatima Aziz Rustom, Executive Director of Export Bahrain, emphasized the importance of boosting trade between the two kingdoms.

“It is imperative that we further strengthen the economic ties between Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to promote a prosperous trade relationship that serves the interests of both countries,” Rustom added.

“The Saudi market provides many opportunities for Bahrain-based companies, and the joint efforts between the Bahrain Export Authority and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority will be a catalyst for continued growth and prosperity.”

A representative of the SFDA said: “We are committed to promoting and facilitating trade between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and this valuable workshop was a testament to our common goals and efforts to ensure the success and growth of businesses operating in these vital sectors.”

“We are steadfast in our goal of developing a strong and prosperous commercial relationship between the two kingdoms, and we will continue to make great strides in this direction.”


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