School celebrates Black History Month with poetry contest

Manama, March 3 (BNA): The Bahrain School celebrated the month of African Americans through a poetry competition that focused on the works of the most famous African American poets.

“The Bahrain Preparatory School Poetry Competition featured contestants from sixth to eighth grade reciting poems by famous African and American poets,” said Tonia Tehrani, English Language Arts teacher.

“It was an opportunity for our students to express themselves creatively through the poems of African American poets. We are proud to provide all students with diverse opportunities to participate in activities that highlight their creativity and abilities.”

A total of 14 students participated in the competition and engaged the audience consisting of their fellow students, parents and teachers by reciting the poems they chose.

A jury of four English language teachers at Bahrain School evaluated the performance.

Jade Courts won first place, followed by Ramsha Haroon who won second place and Ira Rappur who won third place.

The competition, which was co-organized by Yoonsun Choi as a point of contact, included a Bahrain High School and Master of Ceremonies monologue performance, as well as a Bahrain Primary School team rehearsal performance.

Celebrating Black History Month is part of Bahrain School’s robust curriculum designed to share students’ stories about famous black figures and teach them important lessons of respect and empathy.

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