BBF fitness and bodybuilding programme

Manama, July 15 (BNA): The second level of the fitness and bodybuilding course was concluded yesterday, which was set up and organized by the Bahrain Bodybuilding Federation (BBF) in cooperation with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Academy (IFBB).

The program covered principles of nutrition, nutritional supplements, steroid risks, endocrine function, personal training food intake, nutritional values, and requirements for a balanced diet.

After completing the assessment, the participants will receive a diploma accredited by the IFBB in Spain, recognized by more than 203 countries around the world.

A certificate of participation was presented to the participants during the closing ceremony.

Aisha Ahmadi, a member of the BBF Board of Directors, praised the efforts made by Waleed Abdul Karim, General Manager of the IFBB Academy, in running the course.

Abdul Karim thanked the BBF Foundation, headed by Sami El-Haddad, for the support provided during the programme. He praised the level of participation of the participants and their interest in learning about nutrition, the basics of training, the science of bodybuilding and physical fitness.

The Bahrain Bodybuilding Federation, in conjunction with the IFBB, announced that the Level 3 program will take place in September. More details will be announced in the coming days.


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