Bahrain attends session on UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy

New York, June 23 (BNA): The United Nations General Assembly led the eighth review session of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy on June 22-23 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA.

In a speech before the session, Head of the Strategic Affairs Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Nancy Abdullah Jamal, stressed the importance of developing and unifying concepts related to terrorism and extremism, especially in light of global changes and emerging complex challenges.

She called for a consensus on definitions and terminology related to terrorism among UN member states in their different languages ​​and cultures, which, she said, would contribute to confronting future threats collectively and effectively.

The ambassador highlighted the importance of finding a sustainable solution to eradicate the sources of the scourge of extremism by finding counter-narratives.

She said, “Regional efforts have established applicable standards commensurate with the culture of the region, by applying an approach based on promoting religious principles and national values, as well as psychological and social safeguards.”


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