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Job purpose
Identifies and supports LNG sales contract standardization and improvements, and defines, coordinates and delivers Commercial & Shipping (C&S) suite synergies or other business improvements to enhance company value.

Job context and key challenges(s)
• Scope of operation is a multi-project/multi-stakeholder environment where projects are financially independent but have common processes and facilities within the framework of quality assurance. QG sells more than 1,000 cargoes of LNG annually through more than 250 long and short-term agreements with very diverse and complex terms and structures.
• The LNG market is more complex and dynamic than was imagined with the construction of Qatargas LNG projects. New structures and terms appear regularly in sales opportunities in connection with purchasing arrangements; investment; Optional and LNG Pricing – Requires ongoing review to balance QG value/strategic goals while maintaining competitiveness in the global marketplace.
• Increased competition in the LNG market means that trading activity is usually conducted under significant time pressures in order to maintain negotiated deals and cargo delivery schedules.
• QG consolidated 5 new LNG/gas sales projects from previous operating company RasGas in 2018 under a tight schedule of shareholders, leaving plenty of room for coordination/improvement of C&S business for the next several years.
• C&S is mandated to provide approximately $1 billion in synergies revenue and savings by IMO/shareholders over the next few years. The associated initiatives are multifunctional and complex and require an advanced understanding of the commercial and operational aspects of the LNG supply chain. Shareholder priority leads to review of outputs and decision-making directly by senior management and shareholders.

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Main Job Responsibilities
• Maintaining LNG contracting standards for long- and short-term sales marketing by analyzing, developing and recording exceptions and recommending acceptable alternatives as well as proposing updates to standards in order to manage risk and maximize QG value.
• Verify that all new LNG sales agreements are commercially viable and review them as they are developed to support their effective implementation and reduce contractual, operational, financial and reputational risks.
• Verify methodology and advise on energy accounts and therefore quantities sold for all LNG contracts offered by the company to protect financial performance and integrity of sales.
• Represents the company in marketing support for long-term or short-term sales with LNG customers through effective contractual interpretation and negotiation.
• Drive the development, improvement, delivery and tracking of C&S synergies and identified/assigned improvements, as well as new proposals to support C&S revenue and savings objectives.
• Provide direct working specialist technical or coordination support for synergy/improvement initiatives implemented by C&S functions as required.
• Implement and maintain a system of supervision and reporting in coordination with EEBE and Finance to report on the achievement of process efficiencies to the C&S management and corporate QG functions.
• Analyze industry trends and developments against C&S business operations to develop recommendations for standards and best practices.
• Conducting a review and analysis of C&S business processes to enhance and drive the implementation of standardization. Efficiency/regulation and alignment with industry best practices.

• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Science, Economics, Business Administration or similar degree.

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Knowledge and/or experience
• 12 years of experience in developing LNG sales contracts or management in the oil and gas industry
• Knowledge of the LNG industry and all essential commercial and shipping functions.
• Experience in reviewing and/or negotiating necessary LNG agreements.
• Experience in corporate management and business controls.

Qatargas is a global energy operator that is unique in terms of scale, service and reliability. The company operates 14 liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains with a total annual production capacity of 77 million tons. This makes Qatargas the largest producer of liquefied natural gas in the world.

Founded in 1984, Qatargas develops, produces and markets hydrocarbons from the world’s largest non-associated natural gas field. In addition to producing LNG, Qatargas is also a major exporter of natural gas, helium, condensate and related products.

Today, Qatargas continues to set the standard in the LNG industry as it delivers energy safely and reliably to customers around the world.

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