USA will open Basketball World Cup against New Zealand

Manila, Apr. 29 (BNA): The United States will open the Basketball World Cup matches against New Zealand this summer, while Greece and Jordan will also await the Americans in the group stage.

And the closest the United States can see France in an Olympic final rematch is the semifinals, the Associated Press reports today.

FIBA held the World Cup draw in Manila on Saturday, when the 32 teams that qualified on the field caught up in their preliminary encounters in the August 25-September 10 tournament.

The Americans – four-time Olympic champions who finished seventh at the most recent World Cup in 2019 – play New Zealand on Aug. 26, then face Greece and possibly Giannis Antetokounmpo on Aug. 28, and conclude the group stage on Aug. 1. 30 against Jordan.

The United States will play all of its group stage matches in Manila, while Jakarta, Indonesia, and Okinawa, Japan, will host some group matches. Medal rounds in Manila.

Group division

All teams in each group play each other in the opening round. The top two teams from each group advance to the second round; The bottom two teams move on to a ranking tournament to determine places 17th to 32nd in the event.

Teams are listed in their world ranking.

Group A, Manila: Angola (41), Dominican Republic (23), Philippines (40), Italy (10).

Group B, Manila: South Sudan (62), Serbia (6), China (27), Puerto Rico (20).

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Group C, Manila: United States (2), Jordan (33), Greece (9), New Zealand (26).

Group D, Manila: Egypt (55), Mexico (31), Montenegro (18), Lithuania (8).

Group E: Okinawa: Germany (11), Finland (24), Australia (3), Japan (36).

Group F, Okinawa: Slovenia (7), Cape Verde (64), Georgia (32), Venezuela (17).

Group G, Jakarta: Iran (22), Spain (1), Ivory Coast (42), Brazil (13).

Group Eight, Jakarta: Canada (15), Latvia (29), Lebanon (43), France (5).


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