US welcomes Bahrain’s expansion of alternative sentencing law

Manama, September 17 (BNA): The United States of America welcomed the efforts and measures of the Kingdom of Bahrain aimed at expanding the scope of application of the provisions of the Alternative Provisions Law after the issuance of Legislative Decree No. 24 of 2021 by His Majesty the King. King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The decree-law stipulates that “the competent authority at the Ministry of Interior may request the executive judge to replace the original penalty, before its implementation, with one or more of the alternative penalties stipulated in Article 2 of this law, provided that this does not constitute a threat to public security, and that The convict has paid all the financial obligations issued against him by the Criminal Court, unless it is impossible for them to pay them.”

In this regard, the US Embassy in Bahrain tweeted: “The United States welcomes Bahrain’s expanded implementation of the Alternative Provisions Act.

The embassy also said in a tweet that “the United States supports the Kingdom’s continued efforts to strengthen its judicial processes.”

The expansion of the application of the Law of Alternative Provisions consolidates the essence of the rule of law and institutions in Bahrain, and represents a qualitative leap in the reform and rehabilitation system, which will reflect positively on the ground, making it a national and civilized project.


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