University of Bahrain President meets WHO Representative

Manama, September 20 (BNA) The representative of the World Health Organization in Bahrain, Dr. Tasneem Al-Atreh, praised the role of nursing students who joined the medical pioneers in the fight against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

She commended the efforts of the University of Bahrain (UoB) to combat the pandemic, impose mandatory precautionary measures, and ensure the continuation of clinical training for students in the midst of the global health crisis.

This came during her meeting with the President of the University of Bahrain, Dr. Riyadh Yousef Hamza, and she confirmed Bahrain’s readiness to combat the epidemic through the National Medical Task Force.

The two sides emphasized the prospects for cooperation and strategic partnership between the university and the World Health Organization to develop the national nursing cadre and midwives.

Dr. Hamzah stressed the role of the WHO office in consolidating the partnership with the University of Bahrain to continue the decades-long achievements.

The former Dr. Atatreh expressed his thanks and gratitude for the invitation, praising the pivotal role of the university in the formation of nursing and health competencies in Bahrain, the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East.[ressedthanksandgratitudefortheinvitationpraisingtheuniversity’spivotalroleinformingnursingandhealthcompetencesinBahraintheArabianGulfregionandtheMiddleEast[ressedthanksandgratitudefortheinvitationpraisingtheuniversity’spivotalroleinformingnursingandhealthcompetencesinBahraintheArabianGulfregionandtheMiddleEast

Dr. Hamza presented a memorial shield to Dr. Al-Attra during the meeting, which was attended by the Acting Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Al-Helou, and a number of officials.


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