TRA Bahrain to hold Hackathon for Arabic .BH Internationalized Domains

Manama, February 15 (BNA): The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced its plans to hold a hackathon for university students across Bahrain regarding the Arabic .bh domain in Bahrain (.bahrain).

This initiative is being implemented in collaboration with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on a number of projects aimed at raising community awareness of the global acceptance of multiple languages ​​on the Internet. In appreciation of the important role of our youth, the Communications Regulatory Authority is engaging university students in their plans to develop and deploy technologies that support Arabic Domain Names (IDN).

Besides global acceptance and internationalization of domain names, the hackathon will enable people to use multilingual domain names in all of their internet applications. Hackathon participants will develop software and configure email systems to support email address using Arabic domain names. The TRA will work with universities to incorporate multilingual domain name projects into students’ classroom assignments as part of a long-term engagement.

Commenting on this initiative, SH Ahmed bin Isa Al Khalifa, Director of Information and Communications Technology and Acting Head of External Affairs at the Communications Regulatory Authority, said: “In today’s online world, we aim to promote and nurture the presence of Arabic language and digital content. The joint initiative will bring together students from local universities In the first hackathon in the Middle East and North Africa region aims to train undergraduate students to support the fields of the Arabic language.This initiative will not only give students exposure to the Internet ecosystem, but also provide them with an opportunity to gain insight into the industry in the field of the online world and help in facing many challenges. industry challenges.”

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