Shura female members participate in Arab women parliamentarians’ applied diploma launch

Manama, September 20 (BNA) Today, female members of the Shura Council participated in the launch of the first applied diploma for women parliamentarians in the Arab world under the title “Modern Skills for Women’s Parliamentary Work”, which was organized by the Center for Arab Women Parliamentarians. Diplomacy in the Arab Parliament, under the patronage of Bahraini Parliament Speaker Fawzia bint Abdullah Zainal.

The opening ceremony of the first applied diploma for Arab women parliamentarians witnessed a speech by the Speaker of Parliament and a statement by the Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al-Asumi.

The members of the Shura Council stressed the importance of continuous cooperation and coordination between Arab parliaments and the need to enhance communication between Arab women parliamentarians to highlight the pivotal role they play, exchange experiences, and push forward Arab parliamentary work. More success and excellence.


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