Saudi Ambassasdor stresses solid Bahraini-Saudi relations

Manama, September 23 (BNA) His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, affirmed that the establishment of the Saudi-Bahraini Coordination Council is a new step that strengthens the strong and brotherly relations. Cohesion between the two kingdoms, noting that the inaugural meeting of the council approved organizational procedures and formed sub-committees in the political, security, economic, energy, commercial, industrial, cultural, media, tourism, social development, investment, environmental and infrastructure fields. .

In an interview with the Bahraini newspaper “Al-Bilad” on the occasion of the 91st National Day, the envoy stressed that the strong relations between the two countries stem from their fundamentals and their common visions on ways to deal with the accelerating events in the region.

He stressed that the security and stability of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are inseparable, adding that the two sister kingdoms stand united against any interference in their internal affairs or attempt to destabilize their security and stability, and that their cooperation and coordination is in the military and security fields. The fields are continuing at the highest levels in order to preserve their security and stability and to confront terrorism.

He pointed out that economic relations between the two countries are flourishing, noting that the value of Saudi investments in Bahrain increased by 51%, and the volume of trade exchange between the two countries reached $7.2 billion.

He explained that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Bahrain’s first trading partner, Bahrain is Saudi Arabia’s second trading partner in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and Saudi Arabia’s twelfth international trading partner, adding that mineral materials, agricultural and animal products, chemicals and plastics represent the majority of trade exchange between the two kingdoms.

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He stressed that the directives of the two kingdoms’ leaderships had a major role in promoting and supporting bilateral cooperation, referring to the formation of joint economic committees within the framework of the Saudi-Bahraini Coordination Council.

He stressed that the Saudi National Day provides an opportunity for current generations to honor the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the late King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman, and to draw inspiration from his national efforts to lead his people towards unity, stability, progress and prosperity. .

The ambassador highlighted the outstanding achievements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and highlighted the role of the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action (KSRelief) in providing $5 billion in aid and implementing 1,536 projects in 59 countries. He also highlighted Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the Green Initiative Forum and the Middle East Green Initiative Summit in October.


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