Red Bull signs Perez to contract extension through 2024

London, May 31 (BNA) Red Bull Racing opened talks with Sergio Perez over a contract extension earlier this month as the Formula 1 team set a timetable for a deal to be completed sometime this year.

Red Bull said on Tuesday that Perez had signed a two-year extension to remain a teammate with F1 champion Max Verstappen until 2024.

The team said the deal was signed last weekend, but before Perez’s win on Sunday in Monaco, according to the Associated Press.

Perez is the most successful Mexican driver in Formula One history. He joined Red Bull last season and finished fourth as the best driver of his career.

Perez won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, scored four podiums, and was Verstappen’s selfless teammate in Red Bull’s successful battle with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

At the end of the season in December that decided the Formula One championship, Perez ran a fine with Hamilton during the race to give Verstappen a chance to win.

It was part of his role as the team’s second driver, and Perez was called up again two weeks ago at the Spanish Grand Prix when Red Bull asked Perez to concede the lead – and win – to Verstappen.

Team talk after the race in Spain convinced Perez that Red Bull would let him race to win and the contract was extended before his victory in Monaco, his first of the year.

Monaco’s victory prompted Perez to overtake Pedro Rodriguez as the most successful driver in Mexican Formula 1 history. Wearing Rodriguez’s helmet in Monaco, Perez scored his third victory in Formula One.

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