UK police arrest murder suspect after three bodies found on Nottingham streets

Nottingham, June 14 (BNA): British police said that a man was arrested on suspicion of murder, after three people were found dead on a street in Nottingham, central England, on Tuesday, and three others were injured after an attempt to run them over. a truck.

Investigators said they were open about the motive for the related incidents, which began shortly after 4 a.m., and added that counter-terrorism officers were working on the investigation, though they said this was normal, Reuters reported.

Two of the dead were students of one of the city’s universities. A 31-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and investigators said they are not looking for anyone else.

The major operation, which has led to several road closures in Nottingham, began after police were called to a report that two people had been stabbed and left unresponsive on a road in the city centre. Both were 19 years old.

Officers were then alerted to another incident not far away where a person driving a truck attempted to run over three people, leaving one man in a critical condition in hospital while the other two sustained minor injuries.

Another man in his fifties was found dead of knife wounds shortly thereafter on a road about two miles from the first incident. Police said they believe the suspect stole this man’s truck, which was used to injure the three.

Police Chief Kate Mennell said: “We are keeping our minds open as we investigate the circumstances surrounding these incidents and working alongside counter-terrorism police to establish the facts – as we normally do in such circumstances.”

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“We are in the early stages of investigation and need to establish the motives behind these attacks and will keep the public informed once we are able to say more.”

Police said they searched a number of addresses in the city but there were no further arrests.

The University of Nottingham said two of the dead were its students.

“We are shocked and shocked by the news, and our thoughts are with those affected and their families and friends,” the university said on Twitter.

Witness Lynn Haggett told BBC Television she saw a car hit a man and a woman who were lying in the street.

She said, “He went straight to those two people. The woman went on the sidewalk, and the man went up in the air.” “There was such an explosion. I wish I had never seen it. It really shook me.”

Inside a police belt, officers guard a white van with its passenger door wide open and a backpack lying on the ground beside it. It had damage to the hood and windshield.

In Ilkeston Road, where the two people were found dead, medical equipment was strewn across the street.

Describing the incident as “shocking,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wrote on Twitter: “I am being kept updated. Police must be given enough time to do their job.”

Many major routes around the city remain closed and Nottingham’s tram network has been suspended.

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