Foreign Ministry summons Abu Dhabi-based Swedish Embassy Charge d’Affaires to the Kingdom of Bahrain .

Manama, July 25 (BNA): The Head of European Affairs, Ambassador Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Qaraeen, handed over to the Swedish diplomat an official protest note against the Swedish authorities, who allowed extremists to burn and desecrate copies of the Holy Quran under police protection in central Stockholm.

The Kingdom of Bahrain strongly condemned the repetition of these heinous acts, as a serious provocation against Muslims, and a violation of international principles, covenants and resolutions.

They include a UN Human Rights Council resolution condemning any advocacy of religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.

The resolution also called on states to adopt national laws, policies and frameworks to prevent and criminalize such acts and to hold those responsible accountable.

The Ministry stressed the need for the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Sweden to take immediate and decisive measures to stop these arbitrary practices that go beyond the limits, controls and ethics of expression of opinion, and to contribute to the efforts of the international community to respect religious rights and freedoms and prevent abuse of all religions, beliefs, sanctities and religious symbols.

The Ministry affirmed that these include combating Islamophobia crimes, and applying constructive cooperation in establishing a culture of peace, tolerance and mutual respect in a way that enhances security, peace and human coexistence among all religions, cultures and civilizations.


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