Salmaniya Medical Complex: surgeries increased by 69 percent

Manama, June 24 (BNA): Surgical operations at the Salmaniya Medical Complex increased by 69% compared to previous years.

According to SMC’s updated statistics, 1,913 surgeries were performed during the month of May, as part of government hospitals’ strategies to reduce waiting lists.

It includes 32 dental and maxillofacial surgeries, 389 general surgeries, 309 orthopedics, 43 vascular surgeries, 24 neurosurgeries, 198 ENT surgeries, 185 obstetrics and gynecology surgeries, 141 urology surgeries, and 107 pediatric surgeries.

Sulaymaniyah Medical Center doctors also performed 61 burn operations, plastic surgery, kidney transplant surgery, 276 laparoscopic procedures, 16 anesthesia procedures and 130 eye surgeries, the CEO of government hospitals said. Dr.. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Ansari.

He praised the efforts of the Sulaymaniyah Medical Complex, which contributed to the treatment of a large number of patients, indicating that work is continuing in rescheduling appointments.

In a statement today, he urged patients to adhere to their appointments to ensure that they receive health services in a timely manner and that their plans are not affected.

He indicated that the working hours of the medical staff of the Sulaymaniyah Medical Complex have been extended from 7 am to 7 pm, seven days a week, after it was 5 days earlier.

Governmental hospitals also launched a project to increase the number of operating rooms from 13 to 17 rooms, which will contribute to an increase in work by 33% to serve more than 13 medical specialties and reduce waiting times for patients for operations.

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