AGU to hold Open Innovation and Digital Transformation International Conference in March

Manama, Feb. 19 (BNA): The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) is organising the International Conference on Open Innovation and Digital Transformation on March 3-4, to explore new horizons in the use of technology, innovation, and digital transformation, which are considered essential tools of the modern era that enhance progress and development in all scientific and practical fields.


The conference aims to encourage participation and collaboration among all relevant entities to create innovative solutions that add value to daily life and increase efficiency and productivity.


AGU has signed a cooperation agreement with Gulf Conferences (GC) to organise the conference under the theme of “Open Innovation and Digital Transformation.”


This conference will bring together a distinguished group of practitioners, academics, experts, innovators, and decision-makers from government, private, and civil society sectors to explore new horizons in the use of technology and innovation.


Prof. Soud Mohamed Almahamid, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the conference, said that the scene of innovation and technology in the GCC and the Arab world has witnessed remarkable development in recent times, promising a transformation towards new future horizons.


“The conference is expected to be a platform for interacting with leading experts, exploring advanced technologies, building important and effective networks, and discussing the future of open innovation in the region.”


He further explained, “The linkage between innovation and digital transformation is crucial for economic and social development. This linkage enhances innovation through the use of modern technology and advanced techniques to develop new solutions and improve existing processes. Digital transformation also contributes to accelerating and enhancing the innovation process by providing the necessary platform and capabilities, reducing costs, and allowing more time for innovation and the development of new products and services.”

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He added that the innovation supported by digital transformation can bring significant social changes in areas such as healthcare, education, transportation, and energy, leading to improved quality of life for individuals and communities.


“Digital transformation also creates new job opportunities and develops a skilled workforce for future jobs, enhancing competitiveness in the market through the improvement of products, services, and efficiency. Finally, digital transformation provides sustainable solutions to environmental and economic challenges by developing clean energy sources and improving environmental sustainability.”


The accompanying exhibition of the conference will serve as an excellent opportunity for companies to showcase their leading services and technologies, interact with participants, researchers, and decision-makers. It is a high-return investment that promotes insights, opens doors for cooperation and partnerships across all sectors to ensure continuity, growth, and competitiveness.




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