Mokaev downplays Blaine O’Driscoll challenge: “Abdul Hussein is tougher than him”

Warsaw, Sept. 15 (BUS): One of the most anticipated matches for the Brave CF 54, in Poland, is the iconic showdown between two of MMA’s biggest young stars: Muhammed Mukayev and Blaine O’Driscoll. The war of words in front of fans intensifies as the fight approaches and it was Mokayev who fired the last shot.

Asked if O’Driscoll would present the toughest challenge of his professional career so far, Mokafe dismissed the upcoming challenger as his toughest opponent and praised the former opponent, fellow former IMMAF world champion Abdulhussain.

“I wouldn’t say (it’s) the hardest because I think Abdul Hussein was tougher than Blaine, grappling wise,” he said, acknowledging ABBA’s credentials on the ground.

But this does not mean that Mokaev believes that O’Driscoll is not a worthy opponent. In fact, The Punisher took some time to pay tribute to the lineage of all Irish fighters.

“Of course, Blaine is a strong man, I have fought some Irish men who are strong men and I know Blaine will fight like all Irish men,” he finished.

The BRAVE CF 54 takes place on September 25 in Konin, Poland. The event, which is held in association with the Galana Exclusive Championship, will be led by the World Lightweight Championship match between champion Amin Ayoub and challenger Ahmed Amir.


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