Merkel seeks to boost Laschet in close German election race

Berlin, Sept. 21 (BNA): Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to bolster faltering successor Armin Laschet, Tuesday, in the tough race to become Germany’s next leader, as she told a crowd in her longtime constituency that he would look for jobs. And security.

Merkel has touted her government’s record of cutting German unemployment and debt, and has decried plans by Laschet’s rivals to raise taxes, according to the Associated Press.

She also indicated that there is a danger that the left-wing German government will be more generous in providing financial assistance to heavily indebted European countries.

“There is a lot at stake on Sunday,” she told the audience on a humid evening in Stralsund, in Germany’s northeastern corner. “It’s about whether we … give people who want to create jobs, companies that want to contribute something to Germany’s prosperity, the opportunity, the freedom” to do so.

She added that the alternative is “a policy of thinking only about redistribution of wealth, not its creation.”

“I know that Armin Laschet, as Governor of North Rhine-Westphalia, is fighting for every job in his state, and he would have done so also as Chancellor of Germany,” Merkel said.

With Merkel’s center-right union bloc slipping in the polls in recent weeks, Laschet and other leaders have issued constant warnings that the center-left Social Democrats and green greens, their opponents to bid for Germany’s next leader, will form a coalition with the SPD. Hard Left Party.


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