Labour Minister visits Bahrain Credit; stresses need to invest in national human resources

Manama, Feb. 11 (BNA): Labor Minister Jamil bin Muhammad Ali Humaidan stressed the need to invest in the Bahraini national human resources.

He also stressed the importance of employers benefiting from the incentives offered by the government to the private sector, including subsidizing the wages of citizens and training them for free.

He pointed to the importance of solidarity between the various relevant authorities in employing Bahraini youth as a joint social responsibility, as it contributes to raising employment rates and strengthening social security.

The minister’s remarks came during his visit to Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company B.S.C. (Bahrain Facilities), where he met with the Chairman of the Board, Abdulrahman Fakhro, the Chief Executive Officer, Abdullah Bakhwa, and a number of officials.

The visit comes within a series of visits to companies and institutions that support the ministry’s initiatives and programs in the field of employing national competencies, especially the national program for employment within the economic recovery plan, whose priorities include creating promising job opportunities and making the citizen the first choice in the labor market. It aims to employ 20,000 Bahrainis and train 10,000. Bahraini annually until 2024.

The minister was briefed on the efforts of the Bahrain Credit Bank in implementing its plans to employ and attract citizens in its various departments and divisions, in addition to the company’s role in enhancing the work environment that is attractive and stimulating to productivity by providing its needs. staff and empower them professionally to ensure job stability.

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He was also briefed on the company’s interest in hiring Bahraini women, stressing its keenness to attract Bahraini human cadres and make them the first choice for employment, which is reflected in the high percentage of the national workforce in the company and proves motivating and attractive work. the environment it provides.

He also met with a number of Bahrainis working in the company, and listened to their stories of professional success, career advancement, and their access to senior positions in the company, stressing the importance of highlighting these models that have proven themselves as role models. Bahraini youth.

The CEO of Bahrain Real Estate Credit Company highlighted the company’s interest in attracting qualified Bahrainis, and providing a suitable and stimulating work environment that creates good conditions for them to excel and professional stability.

He confirmed that the percentage of Bahraini employees is 94.5% of the total number of employees in the company.

He also shed light on the company’s strategy in training its competencies and ensuring the continuity of their professional development, including supporting them to pursue their university studies and specialized qualitative training.

In this regard, he appreciated the efforts of the Ministry of Labor to provide qualified national competencies, indicating that he is looking forward to more joint cooperation by contributing to supporting the Ministry of Labor’s employment and training initiatives and programmes.


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