Labour Minister opens Career Day

Manama, May 10 (BNA): Labor Minister Jamil bin Muhammad Ali Humaidan inaugurated the Career Day, which was organized by the Arab Open University today, in the presence of its president, Dr. Gramallah bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, and members of the educational university. Administrative authority. The ceremony was also attended by a number of officials from the Ministry of Labor and private sector institutions.

The Career Day aims to inform the students and graduates of the Arab Open University about the professions that suit their majors and provide them with the necessary experience in applying for jobs, preparing CVs and sitting for job interviews.

The event featured functions related to it, such as holding awareness meetings and directing the target groups of students to inform them of the basic vocational skills required in the labor market.

The Minister of Labor toured the exhibition and was briefed on the graduation projects of many students and the mechanisms for their implementation and approval by the relevant companies.


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