Ireland raises privacy question over Facebook smart glasses

Dublin, Sept 19 (BUS): Ireland’s data privacy regulator said it has asked Facebook to prove that the LED indicator light on the social media giant’s newly launched smart glasses is an “effective way” to let people know they are being photographed or photographed. .

Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner (DPC) is Facebook’s primary regulator under strict EU data privacy laws with the company’s European headquarters located in Dublin.

The Facebook smart glasses, created in partnership with Ray-Ban company, EssilorLuxottica, allow the wearer to listen to music, make calls or take photos and short videos and share them across Facebook services using a companion app.

“While it is accepted that many devices including smartphones can record individuals from third parties, the general case is that the camera or phone is visible as a device with which the recording is taking place, thus putting those captured in the recordings under notification,” she stated. Reuters that the Irish regulator said in a statement.

“With the glasses, there is a very small indicator light that lights up when recording occurs. It has not been demonstrated that DPC and Garante have had extensive testing in this area by Facebook or Ray-Ban to ensure the LED indicator light is an effective means of notification.”

The Irish regulator said it shares the concerns of Italy’s data protection regulator, Garante, who asked Facebook for clarification on September 10 to assess smart glasses for compliance with privacy laws.

She also said she wanted Facebook to run a media campaign to alert the public to how this new consumer product might lead to less visible registration of their photos.

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