Human Rights Council’s vote ending probe committee’s mandate proves success of Bahraini diplomacy

Manama, October 9 (BNA) The Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives affirmed the ability of the Kingdom of Bahrain to prevent the issuance of an international resolution in the United Nations Human Rights Council to extend the mandate of the United Nations group. Of the prominent international and regional experts on Yemen proves the outstanding success of Bahraini diplomacy in this regard.

The committee said that the vote initiated by Bahrain, which was adopted by other countries, such as Russia, and is the first of its kind issued by the 47-member council, will enhance the Kingdom’s regional and international role, as it reflects. The confidence of international partners in the efficiency of Bahraini diplomacy that calls for peace and stability around the world, especially in countries that suffer from conflicts and wars, including brotherly Yemen.

The committee noted that the Group of Eminent Experts in Yemen had abused its mandate, describing the Houthi militia leader as the “leader of the revolution” on the one hand, and describing the militias as “de facto authorities” on the other, hence the need to extend their term of office.

The committee pointed out that the Kingdom adopts a political solution in brotherly Yemen without any external interference, especially from Iran, so that the Yemeni people enjoy security and stability, calling on the international community represented by the United Nations Commission. Investigate transparently and impartially the actions of the real perpetrators of war crimes in Yemen, who are the terrorist Houthi militia and those who support them with money and weapons.

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