HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister issues Edict (37) of 2023

Manama, April 20 (BNA): His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, today issued Resolution No. (37) of 2023 to form a ministerial committee to study the naming of cities, districts and villages. Suburbs, roads, squares, and intersections (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”).

The decree stipulates that the committee will be chaired by the Minister of Parliament Affairs and will consist of the following members:

1- Minister of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture, Vice-President

2- The Minister of Works, member

3- Minister of Cabinet Affairs, member

4- Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, member

5- Minister of Information Affairs, member

The committee undertakes conducting studies, preparing reports, and submitting recommendations on topics referred to it by the Council of Ministers, ministerial committees, or ministers, as well as on issues referred to it by the Minister responsible for municipal affairs regarding proposals submitted by the Capital Municipality Council. and other municipal councils to name or rename cities, districts, villages, suburbs, roads, avenues, squares and intersections.

The committee meets at the invitation of its chairman at the place and time specified by the chairman.

The vice president assumes the duties of the president in case of absence or inability to carry out their duties.

The meetings of the Committee shall not be valid unless attended by the majority of its members, including necessarily the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

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The committee issues its decisions by a majority vote of the members present. In the event of a tie, the chairman’s side takes precedence.

The committee submits its recommendations and reports to the Council of Ministers.

The committee may request data, information and documents related to the topics within its competence from the relevant ministries and agencies.

The committee may invite experts, dignitaries and public sector employees as it deems appropriate to attend its meetings in order to seek guidance from their opinions without having the right to vote.

The president appoints a rapporteur who is responsible for preparing the committee’s meetings, agendas and recommendations.

The chairman and the rapporteur sign the minutes of the meeting.

Any text that contradicts the provisions of this decision shall be repealed.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Ministers – each within his jurisdiction – shall implement the provisions of this Resolution, and it shall come into effect upon its issuance.


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