Golang Development Engineer | Job in Dubai, UAE by Hoo Exchange | GulfTalent

• engage in the design, research and development of the public chain, study the protocol, operating mechanism and basic implementation of the public chain;
• Participate in requirements analysis and preparation of design documents, and participate in the development of normative work.
• Collaboration with team members on day-to-day development work, ability to resolve technical issues in the general chain during development;
• Continuous improvement of service performance, service stability and security.
• Respond quickly to user feedback and take responsibility for troubleshooting problems that users encounter online.

• Proficient in Golang, familiar with other programming languages ​​(Java, Python, PHP, nodejs), good programming habits and coding style;
• Bonus elements: has experience in docking with technical partners and participating in the design and development of products on a general chain basis;
• Work experience in solving the public string and offline signature of the public string.
• Familiar with the Golang collaboration, and have a deep understanding of high-concurrency, high-availability architecture systems;
• Familiar with PostgreSQL, MYSQL, Redis and other mainstream databases;
• Can develop and debug on a Linux server.

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