EU-Bahrain conference now an annual event

The EU-Bahrain Conference is now an annual event<br />

Written by Nayla Barakat

Manama, May 31 (BNA): The European Union and Bahrain conference will now be an annual conference, and the next conference will be held in the Kingdom in March 2023, founder and president of “This is Bahrain” and first vice president of King Hamad International Company. Center for Peaceful Coexistence said Betsy Matheson.

“There are four very strong and specific outcomes from this three-day conference today,” Matheson said, announcing the four recommendations at the end of the first three-day EU-Bahrain conference.

The 1st EU-Bahrain Conference: Freedom of Religion and Belief is now officially an annual conference on the EU and Bahrain. The next conference will take place here in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is now your second home in March 2023.”

Second, we are in the process of forming a joint EU-Bahrain working group on freedom of religion and belief. “We will meet four times a year, twice a year in the Kingdom of Bahrain and twice a year in Brussels,” she said.

“And, in liaison with the members, we will be the team leaders, in the EU-GCC Enhanced Political Dialogue, Cooperation and Outreach project, and I, Marie Jo, to form the participants in this working group.”
Thirdly and most importantly, as we all know, our youth in particular are our future. Therefore, with this idea in mind, we are creating a joint EU-Bahrain fund to target youth projects between Bahrain and EU countries.

She added that the fourth recommendation came from many participants.

This is Bahrain Exhibition will be held in Brussels in November 2022 to allow us to continue with the EU and Bahrain

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