Derasat launches opinion poll on food product ingredients awareness

Manama, April 17 (BNA): The Bahrain Center for Strategic, International and Energy Studies (Derasat) launched a survey to measure consumers’ awareness of the ingredients in their food products, habits of reading labels, and ingredients they care about. and the patterns they follow to prioritize food consumption.

Ahmed Abdel-Hamid Al-Emadi, head of the Statistical Analysis Department at the Directorate of Opinion Polls and Surveys in Derasat, said that the quality and safety of healthy food depends on knowing what it contains of natural and industrial ingredients.

“This survey aims to identify the levels of awareness of consumers in Bahrain about food quality and safety from reading labels on packages.”

Al-Emadi stressed the importance of the expected results from the electronic questionnaire currently distributed by surveyors of studies on a random sample of citizens and residents in Bahrain.

It will provide scientific observations that support public policy in the area of ​​food security, sound consumption choices, community awareness, and planning for expected health conditions based on the high or low quality of the most common food products that people consume.

Derasat Center aims to collect observations from a sample of 700 individuals who constitute a wide segment of Bahraini society, determined to find out what drives the food choices of local consumers, their knowledge of food ingredients, health value, quantities of nutrients, and suitability for them. their health requirements.

The online survey is now available on the official Derasat platforms and can be accessed and completed by scanning the displayed QR code.

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