Bilal Tipsaev threatens Glenn McVeigh ahead Of BRAVE CF 54: “We will meet a day before the fight”

Manama, Sept. 13 (BUS): Swedish star Bilal “Porse” Tipsaev knows that trash talk and sarcasm brings an element of mixed martial arts entertainment, but he hasn’t let those unnecessary out-of-cage antics distract him from approaching his target.

The 22-year-old Allstars Training Center representative has revealed that his opponent Glenn McVeigh is trying to spur him on through his various social media accounts.

Both men are set to face each other in a three-round match on the Brave CF 54 backing card, which kicks off live from Konin, Poland on September 25.

“He (McPhee) is a funny guy actually, he used to text me on IM, calling me a fat boy. I see he likes to talk. If he likes to talk, let him talk if it’s ok for him. What he’s saying, I don’t take it Seriously. He’s just trying to provoke a quarrel. But I didn’t know him before,” Tipsaev shared.

Tipsafe also revealed that in one of the direct messages he received from McVeigh, the Northern Ireland native appeared to be drawing a shadow for his weight-cutting regime. But as far as the Swede remembers, he has yet to lose weight in his professional career.

“He’s been writing to me saying, ‘Nothing really serious, just make sure you gain weight, fat boy.’ I don’t even know what he’s talking about. He’s a funny guy, you know. When I see what he’s writing to me, I can understand.” That his mentality is like a 15-year-old boy,” he joked.

“I am sure my life experience is more than mine. We are the same age, but our mindsets are on different levels so I have no interest in talking to him. When I talk to him, I feel as if I am talking to a 15-year-old boy.”

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Bowers warned that McVeigh’s arm pass could backfire on him as they stare at the official scales.

“I think he forgets that we will meet one day before the battle in Poland, so he should think better before he writes,” said Tipsayev.

As for how things went on fight night, Tipsaev believes his wrestling would make the difference against McPhee.

“I’m sure my wrestler is much better than his wrestling. I don’t want to exaggerate the hype. He’ll show up in the fight. I hope he’s getting ready too. Once we’re inside the cage, he’ll show who the fighter was more prepared and better.”

The BRAVE CF 54 takes place on September 25 in Konin, Poland. The event, which is held in association with the Galana Exclusive Championship, will be led by the World Lightweight Championship match between champion Amin Ayoub and challenger Ahmed Amir.


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