Bapco hosts delegation from Bahrain Society in London

Manama, May 1 (BNA): The Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) hosted a delegation from the Bahraini Society in London as part of their visit to the Kingdom from April 25 to May 1.

The Bahrain Society in London brings together all the British people who have spent periods of their childhood or their professional lives in the Kingdom of Bahrain over the past years, many of whom have gone through different stages of Bapco’s development.

The visit program included a visit to Our Lady of the Arabs Cathedral on April 29, to see its distinctive engineering design and the various sections it contains, followed by a tour of the Al-Awali area, which was established in the wake of the discovery of oil. In Bahrain in the thirties of the last century to provide housing and entertainment for the company’s expatriate workers.

A documentary about the history of the Bahrain Petroleum Company since its inception and the stages of development that the company and the city of Awali have gone through over the years were reviewed.

The members of the visiting delegation expressed their thanks and appreciation to Bapco for the warm reception and hospitality, and reviewed their memories of their stay in Bahrain and Awali.


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