Bahrain’s commitment to human rights reiterated; blatant allegations denounced

Manama, September 25 (BNA) The National Communications Center affirmed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commitment to human rights principles in accordance with the constitution and national legislation, and respect for all obligations contained in international human rights conventions.

It denounced the allegations made during a seminar held on the sidelines of the 38th session of the Human Rights Council, under the slogan: “Bahrain must immediately release all human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience” held by an organization demanding its interests. In human rights in Bahrain in cooperation with other organizations.

The forum in question contained a number of blatant lies, including the claim that some inmates were mistreated and tortured, and were denied access to a lawyer.

The forum claimed that inmates of Jaw Prison were denied access to health care as a form of punishment, and claimed that three prisoners had died in the past months due to “health neglect”.

The NCC statement made the following points clear:

1. The prisoners whose names have been repeatedly mentioned by these organizations and the media are convicted criminals and not prisoners of conscience, contrary to these allegations.

2. Bahrain has an exemplary record in the region and the Arab world in treating inmates, providing them with basic services, and rehabilitating them to facilitate their social integration.

3 – Bahrain has made great strides in expanding the scope of alternative provisions that have benefited more than 3,500 inmates, especially after the issuance of Royal Decree No. (24) for the year 2021, which stipulated the following:

“The competent authority at the Ministry of Interior may request the execution judge to substitute one or more alternative punishments for the original punishment that was issued before its implementation, provided that this does not pose a threat to public security, and that the convicted person fulfills the financial obligations imposed on him by the Criminal Court, what It was not impossible for him to fulfill them.”

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4. The penal system in Bahrain established many guarantees in the field of monitoring correction and rehabilitation centers and pretrial detention, benefiting from the establishment of independent national institutions that deal with issues related to categories of inmates with all seriousness and transparency.

Any individual who has a complaint, observation or request regarding the category of inmates may resort to these institutions to investigate them and provide the best ways to respond to these requests within a legal and human rights framework.


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