Bahrain will host “Connect2Innovate” Conference

Manama, Feb. 28 (BNA): The Israeli Startup Center announced the launch of the “Connect2Innovate” conference in Bahrain for business leaders in both countries on March 13-15.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC), the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), the Embassy of Bahrain in Israel, and the Embassy of Israel in Bahrain worked together to launch the event.

Start-Up Nation Central in Israel is a non-profit organization that connects governments, companies, and investors to the Israeli innovation ecosystem.

The event will bring together government officials, major corporations, international organizations, business communities and tech innovators, to focus on challenges across financial technology, logistics, supply, water, energy and climate changes.

The conference will have a unique policy track, including workshops on technology ecosystem building and human capital development, challenges that both countries face and can exchange knowledge and best practices.

Minister of Industry Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro confirmed that the conference will bring together visionary speakers from the business sectors of Bahrain and Israel, to explore opportunities and challenges in the areas of innovation and technology.

He said, “This event is a unique opportunity for both Bahrain and Israel to meet and exchange experiences and best practices, and work on developing innovative solutions that will drive progress and growth in the industry.”

“The potential for cooperation between our two countries is enormous, and this conference will serve as a platform to harness this human capital and develop new technologies, business models, and economic opportunities,” the minister said.

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“The Connect2Innovate conference is taking place in Manama where both Israel and Bahrain are stepping up to realize the vision of the Abraham Accords and the opportunities it offers us all while striving to reach their fullest potential,” said Israeli Ambassador Eitan Naea.

“Moving from vision to reality, relations between our two countries are moving forward as we harness the added values ​​of both countries – human capital, mutual pursuit of peace, security and prosperity through innovation, economic cooperation and progress,” he said. He said.

He added, “The conference will allow our business communities to explore ways of cooperation to move forward together, by creating a model of close friendly relations and cooperation in innovation, which equals opportunities for growth and prosperity.”

“Over the past two decades, Bahrain has emerged as an important player on the international stage, with a growing economy that offers exciting investment opportunities,” said Avi Hasson, CEO of Start-Up Nation Central.

Hassoun added, “Innovation and technology are key elements of this partnership and can help translate the agreements into practical bilateral trade that could revolutionize the entire region as it attempts to align with new development goals.”

During the opening ceremony of the conference, a series of memorandums of understanding will be signed between the Israeli and Bahraini entities to pave the way for a wave of B2B and G2G activities – particularly in the areas of financial technology, manufacturing, logistics, water, energy and climate.

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The second and third days of the conference will include professional workshops, lectures, working sessions, presentation sessions, and roundtable discussions on separate work and policy tracks.


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