NBR announces Digital Stamps Scheme

Manama, Feb. 28 (BNA): The National Bureau of Revenue (NBR) announced the expansion of the digital stamp system in accordance with the decision of the CEO of the National Bureau of Revenue No. 3/2023.

This comes in relation to the stages of implementing the digital stamp scheme on some selective commodities for tobacco products to include (electronically heated tobacco products (EHTP), jrak, cut or pressed tobacco for tubes, cut or compressed tobacco for dizziness and chopped or compressed tobacco for cigarettes).

This aims to track the excise goods from the stage of manufacture until consumption through digital stamps, which will protect against the circulation of counterfeit and illegal goods.

The first phase of the digital stamp scheme came into effect on cigarette products by March 11, 2022, allowing registered importers and manufacturers to submit digital stamp orders via an electronic system.

The same applies to the second phase, which was implemented on hookah tobacco “molasses” on November 20, 2022. While the third phase will enter into force from May 14 on other tobacco products specified above.

Registration in the Digital Stamp System is required by taxpayers who manufacture and import Excise Goods specified tobacco products and related supply chain organizations from production until the products are launched in the local market in Bahrain.

There are three implementations of selective tobacco products.

The former will begin taking orders for digital stamp purchases starting May 14 from taxpayers registered with the NBR through an electronic system while allowing certain selective goods of tobacco products that do not have digital stamps to be traded in local markets.

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The second version, which begins on September 17, includes applying the scheme to all imported products through customs clearance, as all imported products arriving in Bahrain must bear a digital stamp.

The final implementation will include the local markets, as it will be prohibited to own, trade, sell or supply those specific products without a digital seal in the local market.

At this point, any product that does not contain a digital stamp by December 24 will be returned through the relevant supply chain to be destroyed or transported for sale outside the territory of Bahrain.


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