Bahrain press review

Manama, May 24 (BNA): The most prominent headlines of the Bahraini daily newspapers in the local news today, Wednesday:

His Majesty the King ratifies and issues Law 4 of 2023

His Majesty the King congratulates the President of Eritrea on Independence Day

His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister congratulate the President of Eritrea

The Shura Speaker congratulates the Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament on Unity Day

The Royal Guard participates in the joint exercise (Haris)

Minister of Defense Affairs receives a delegation from the US Congress

The Minister of Interior receives the country’s ambassador

The Minister of Justice meets members of the Standing Committee for Islamic-Christian Dialogue

Bahrain participates in the Arab Labor Conference

The Minister of Industry participates in the dinner party held by the Communications and Information Technology Committee

The Minister of Education honors the sponsors of the Nasser bin Hamad Football Championship

The Minister of Education receives the President of the Applied Science University

The Minister of Education receives the delegation of St. Christopher’s School

The Minister of Youth receives the head of the Youth Empowerment Center in Sanabis

Prince of the Saudi northern border region receives the ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain

The Bahraini ambassador residing in Ankara, Montenegro, attended the inauguration ceremony of the president

Bahraini national products exports amounted to 303 million Bahraini dinars during the month of April

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Vatel achieved first place in France for two consecutive years

The conclusion of the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum (Micro Shabab)


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