Bahrain, Morocco sign memorandum of cooperation in renewable energy

Manama, May 28 (BNA) Bahrain and Morocco signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of renewable energy. It was signed during a virtual event by the Bahraini Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs Wael bin Nasser Al Mubarak, and the Moroccan Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Dr. Laila Benali, in the presence of the CEO of Electricity and Water. The Authority (IWA), Sheikh Nawaf bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the Moroccan ambassador to Bahrain, and a number of Bahraini and Moroccan officials.

The agreement aims to enhance cooperation between the two brotherly countries in the field of renewable energy, based on the comprehensive development visions of their leadership.

Under the memorandum, the two countries will cooperate in implementing a number of renewable energy initiatives and conducting studies on ways to enhance sectors related to renewable energy and its uses.

They will also encourage joint investments in renewable energy, exchange experiences in the field of solar energy and other renewable energy projects, and develop energy storage and smart automation technologies, in addition to cooperating in capacity building programs and training courses.

On this occasion, Minister Al-Mubarak affirmed that the memorandum is in line with the directives of the Kingdom’s leadership, noting that it provides a platform for the two brotherly countries to benefit from their experiences in the areas of energy sustainability.

The Moroccan minister praised the signing of the memorandum, adding that it would allow them to benefit from their expertise and build knowledge capacity in the fields of renewable energy to achieve the expected goals.

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