BAC, ACI reveal global aviation industry is on track for stronger recovery in 2023

Manama, March 2 (BNA): Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), Airports Council International (ACI) and ACI Asia-Pacific announced during a joint press conference that the global aviation industry is on track to achieve a strong recovery this year. ACI’s Global Board of Directors, Global Audit Committee, and Global Executive Committee meetings.

Bahrain International Airport is hosting, for the first time, the strategic meetings to be held in Bahrain from 3 to 4 March, providing a platform for senior decision makers to explore ways to enhance cooperation between airports, international aviation organizations and their strategic partners. .

The agenda includes a group of meetings aimed at exchanging knowledge and experiences, finding innovative ways to enhance efficiency in the airports and aviation sector, developing environmental and economically sustainable projects, and addressing other challenges that directly affect airports and civil aviation.

“This meeting comes at an opportune time for the civil aviation industry, which is nearing recovery after the impact of COVID-19. Passenger traffic continues to rise, and therefore airports must be prepared to cater to these travelers on the job,” said Mohammed Yousef Al-Binfalah, CEO of BAC and a board member. ACI Global Management (WGB):

“In Bahrain, we witnessed this growth firsthand as nearly 6.9 million passengers passed through Bahrain International Airport (BIA) in 2022, an increase of 127.5 percent over traffic in 2021, and only 29 percent lower than the pre-pandemic figures of 9.6. million in 2019. This data indicates a stronger rebound in 2023, which is shaping up to be an exceptional year for Bahrain on the world stage.”

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He commented, “With the events of the Formula 1 Grand Prix this year and the events of the ACI being held concurrently, our Kingdom is showing off its capacity and ability to host more international events in the future.”

Sheikh Ayman bin Ahmed Al Hassani ACI Global Board of Directors “I would like to thank the Kingdom of Bahrain for hosting this meeting and express my appreciation to Bahrain Airport Company and its team for their contributions to what I am sure will be a successful event.” Said the Chairman and CEO of Oman Airports

“This is one of the most important strategic gatherings of the year for the global civil aviation community, and we look forward to exploring a range of issues that will help shape ACI’s work in the years to come.”

“The agenda will review important issues affecting the aviation sector now and in the coming period. The outcomes of these meetings will also help ensure the continued growth of the sector as we emerge from the pandemic more resilient and ready for future challenges.”

“On behalf of ACI World, I would like to thank the BAC for hosting the ACI Global Board of Directors, the Global Audit Committee, and the Global Executive Committee meetings. These important gatherings bring together senior airport executives from all ACI regions to share their experiences and guidance to address the industry’s most pressing issues and opportunities. aviation,” said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, ACI’s global managing director.

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“I would also like to thank Mr. Al-Binfalah for his continued dedication to the Global Board of Directors, now including his position as the next Chairman of the ACI Global Audit Committee. His forward-looking contributions, along with the rest of the Board, are instrumental in achieving our goal of creating a sustainable future for airports, for the benefit of travelers. and communities alike.

“As a major international hub, the Middle East performed exceptionally well in 2022 with 316 million passengers recorded. This represents a recovery of 78% from the 404 million passengers recorded in 2019, the highest annual growth rate among all regions,” said the director. ACI Asia – Pacific said Stefano Baronesi of the Year.

“Effective and timely cooperation between Middle East airports and national authorities has allowed for a gradual and consistent easing of travel restrictions during the coronavirus crisis. As a result, the aviation industry in the Middle East has seen a significant recovery in traffic, which is expected to reach 2019 levels by the end of 2023.”

Airports Council International (ACI), the trade association for the world’s airports, is a federated organization comprising ACI World, ACI Africa, ACI Asia-Pacific, ACI EUROPE, ACI Latin America and the Caribbean, and ACI North America. In representing the best interests of airports during key stages of policy development, ACI makes a significant contribution to ensuring a safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sustainable global air transport system. As of January 2023, ACI serves 712 members, operating 1,925 airports in 171 countries.

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Hosting the event reinforces Bahrain’s position as a leading destination for international aviation conferences and exhibitions. Such events also boost Bahrain’s tourism sector by highlighting the kingdom’s world-class tourist attractions and cultural destinations, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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