Alba holds second edition of “I’m Special, I’m Creative” Exhibition

Manama, March 1 (BNA): Under the auspices of the CEO of Aluminum Bahrain B.S.C. 2023 at the Oasis of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka in Alba.

The exhibition saw more than 50 employees from across the company showcase their diverse and unique talents, as well as showcasing home-made products and rare collectibles.

Al-Baqali expressed his appreciation to the participants and the organizing committee for successfully conducting this exhibition, which not only nourishes the creativity of its employees but is also part of the company’s social responsibility towards the comprehensive development of its employees.

In addition to the executive and management teams of Alba, the event was attended by senior officials from the Bahrain Intellectual Property Society – Association President Asmaa Al-Najdi, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Omaima Al-Sayed and Member of the Advisory Board Mohammed Al-Quti.


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