Tamkeen: 76 Students graduate from 3 immersive tech training programs in partnership with General Assembly

Manama, March 1 (BNA): The Labor Fund (Tamkeen) announced the graduation of 76 students from immersive training programs in partnership with the General Assembly, the leading company in the field of technical training.

The programs covered software engineering and user experience design and helped 22% of graduates secure job opportunities after only a few weeks of completing the programs in a number of local and international companies such as BNET, Al Baraka Bank and Parcel.

On this occasion, Maha Moves, CEO of the Labor Fund (Tamkeen), emphasized the far-reaching benefits of developing skills in the field of technology for job seekers, entrepreneurs looking to start businesses in the field of technology, and those seeking career advancement and development, as well as Support for independent work and projects. Job opportunities for individuals. This is evidenced by the impressive results of these programmes, as more than 40% of the graduates took advantage of the programs to secure employment opportunities, obtain promotion within their organizations or develop their entrepreneurial projects within two months of graduation. This percentage is expected to increase over the next six months.

She added: “Our current strategy focuses on encouraging digital transformation across various economic sectors. To achieve this, we have established partnerships that contribute to preparing a group of highly skilled national talents who are equipped for the requirements of digital transformation initiatives and are able to champion the adoption of technology within their organizations to enhance their operational models, increase productivity and the ability to expand.” and achieve sustainability.”

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“We are delighted to partner with Tamkeen to train Bahrainis in technical skills and place them in their dream jobs,” said Lisa Lewin, CEO of the General Assembly.

She continued, “Technical skills gaps are a global challenge that affects almost every industry, and as technology develops, it will become more important and necessary to bridge this gap and prepare Bahrainis for the next era of employment.”

Commenting on her participation in the program, Fatima Al-Attar, an alumnus of the immersive training program, said: “This program opened up new opportunities for me by enhancing my knowledge and experience in the field of technology and provided me with the professional qualifications required to obtain a number of high-value job offers. I accepted one of these offers. I am currently working for a regional company that is developing technology products in the field of high potential ESG”

This is part of the ongoing cooperation between Tamkeen and the General Assembly, which was announced last year with the aim of providing technical training in line with Tamkeen’s commitment to developing skills that meet the growing demand in the labor market and enhance the competitiveness of national talents at the local level. And at the international level.

The initiative, which aims to train 1,200 Bahrainis in coding and basic technical skills over the next two years, will run three immersive training programs as well as a number of short courses that covered topics such as data analytics, software engineering and users. design experience. So far, the number of graduates has reached 293 Bahrainis, with a success rate of 97% in the completed training programmes.

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Moreover, the General Assembly hosted a job fair with ten prominent partners in the field of technology such as Zain Bahrain, Bahrain Islamic Bank, Bahrain Development Bank, Talents of Hope, and more, which included 15 job opportunities provided by partner companies to program participants in addition to job opportunities Sponsored by the General Assembly in cooperation with a number of local and international organizations.

The training programs have been implemented by eminent international experts of the General Assembly from London, New York, Paris and Seattle.

Applications for the upcoming training programs will soon open, and they will be announced through the General Assembly and Tamkeen’s official channels.


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