Al-Jazeera aims to undermine Bahrain human rights achievements, Shura Council

Manama, September 27 (BNA) The Shura Council strongly denounced the attempts of the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel to harm Bahrain’s achievements in the field of human rights through lies and misinformation.

It aired frequent programs alleging torture of inmates and preventing their visits.

The Council praised the statement issued by the Ministry of Interior against the channel and its permanent interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs, stressing the Kingdom’s commitment to international human rights standards to provide services to inmates in accordance with the Law of the Reform and Rehabilitation Institution.

The Shura Council said that the continuous development in the legislative and laws system in Bahrain is represented in the issuance of laws that guarantee the protection of human rights, such as the law on restorative justice for children and protecting them from abuse, as well as expanding the penal code and alternative procedures, which negate Al Jazeera’s allegations about the abuse of some children.

The council explained that the island’s desperate attempts aimed at undermining the national cohesion and civilizational achievements in Bahrain, stressing that the Bahraini society is a symbol of coexistence.


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