Al Dana Amphitheatre ready to open its doors in Bahrain

Manama, Sept. 14 (BNA) The Al Dana Amphitheater, Bahrain’s newest and most exciting live entertainment destination, will open with an exciting season of performances set to take place in 2021.

Located near the Bahrain International Circuit, the venue is set to become a major player in the region’s entertainment industries, seamlessly combining desert landscapes with the latest technology to create a one-of-a-kind event venue that will captivate guests and artists alike.

Dynamic and versatile, Al Dana Amphitheater is set to become a preferred venue for touring artists and global event promoters, creating internationally recognized experiences to attract a wide range of audiences locally, regionally and internationally, boosting tourism and establishing the kingdom as a primary destination for entertainment and events. The venue will provide customized event management solutions to deliver a creative, innovative and business-oriented experience.

Al Dana Amphitheater’s outdoor ambiance and unique natural acoustics provide an ideal experience for all theater performances and live entertainment. Guests will begin their journey by entering the Plaza, a comfortable space filled with a variety of food, beverage and retail kiosks to enjoy, and moving into the heart of Al Dana Amphitheater, a 10,000-seat outdoor theater where guests will experience the magic of entertainment under the stars.

The theater itself is also surrounded by many other charming event venues, each with its own charm. Above the stage are parallel balconies and suites, both overlooking the stage with their own distinctive features, as well as the venue’s green haven, desert garden and the exquisite Quarry Lounge, all available to promoters of global events, businesses and individuals. special events.

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Commenting on the occasion, Arif Rahimi, Chairman of Al Dana Runway said: “It is an exciting time for entertainment in the Middle East and we look forward to opening our doors at just the right time so that we can meet the growing demand and do so safely, which is of the utmost importance. Al Dana is where imagination comes to life. A truly versatile venue with several different areas set up to host many types of events, we are excited to welcome everyone to share in our awesome experiences soon!”

In addition to hosting top official artists, Al Dana Amphitheater is set to have a strong and lasting impact on the Kingdom’s economy by creating a variety of new jobs in the entertainment sector. The venue was built with the community in mind and is dedicated to nurturing, developing and supporting local talent through various community programs in the future.

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