UN receives $2.4 billion to aid the Horn of Africa

The United Nations receives $2.4 billion to aid the Horn of Africa<br />

Manama, May 25 (BNA): UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, on the occasion of pledges to raise $7 billion for the region, in light of the “crisis on top of the crisis” threatening millions in the Horn of Africa. , which was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Wednesday.

The United Nations announced that donors pledged $2.4 billion to help more than 43 million people across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia still suffering from one of the worst droughts in modern history, caused by five consecutive seasons of poor rain.

Years of conflict and insecurity have led to mass displacement, while food prices have skyrocketed.

“We must act now to prevent the crisis from turning into a catastrophe,” said Mr. Guterres. “Let’s work together now – with much greater urgency and much greater support.”

The pledging event was held by the United Nations, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States, in collaboration with the three affected countries.

The Secretary-General saw the devastating impact of drought firsthand during his recent visits to Kenya and Somalia.


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