Robot to attempt conducting role for first time in South Korea

A robot tries to take on a role for the first time in South Korea<br />

Seoul, June 8 (BNA): The orchestra said today, Thursday, that a robot will conduct an orchestra for the first time in South Korea during a concert scheduled for late this month.

The Korea National Orchestra, a traditional Korean music orchestra operating under the National Theater of Korea, said it will perform “Absence” at the Haeorium Grand Theater in central Seoul on June 30, featuring a robot as conductor of the music.

While robots have previously attempted roles several times around the world, this marks the first case of its kind in South Korea.

Among the robots that have taken to the stage as conductors are ASIMO, created by Honda in Japan in 2008; Yumi, a collaborative robot in Switzerland in 2017; Alter 2, a second-generation artificial intelligence humanoid robot developed in Japan in 2018; and Alter 3, the third generation of the Alter robot series, released in 2020, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.

The upcoming party will be led by EveR 6, an emotionally expressive humanoid robot developed by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) a year ago.

The humanoid robot has a core strength in the flexible and precise movement of the neck and forearm. He can effortlessly execute movements involving quick changes of speed.

For the EveR 6 training, KITECH used “motion capture” technology to digitally record a person’s wand trajectory through sensor attachments, as well as techniques to keep a record of the wand’s movement speed and enable the robot to accurately catch up with the speed.

The other conductor who will lead the orchestra is Choi Soo-yul. After presenting an individual stage each highlighting their individual strengths, the two performers will perform collaboratively, performing one piece of music together.

“The most challenging aspect of robots is real-time interaction and communication, especially in the context of music,” Choi said. “In my next performance, I will show how human conductors stand out from robots through my leadership skills and ability to interpret music.” vowing to do his best.


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