Public Prosecution holds webinar on restorative justice

Manama, May 17 (BNA): The Public Prosecution Office in the Kingdom of Bahrain held a virtual workshop, in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, on the restorative justice system.

The Public Prosecution Office in Bahrain is keen to exchange experiences with its counterparts in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to build national capacities and develop the restorative justice system.

The Chief Prosecutor, Nasser Ibrahim Al-Shaib, stressed the importance of the restorative justice system in activating the role of victims and criminals in legal procedures, as well as in diagnosing damages resulting from crime and the necessary measures to achieve restorative justice between the two parties. BOTH parties.

He noted that the restorative justice system is a major step in the modern penal system that allows parties to use restorative justice in accordance with certain legal requirements.

Al-Shaib explained how the law on restorative justice for children and their protection from abuse represents an important development in the justice and penal system, as it prioritizes the rights of the child in all cases.

The symposium also shed light on Bahrain’s approach to the open prison system, which contributes to the development of penal laws commensurate with the kingdom’s vision of human rights. Taking into account the rights of inmates and their social and human conditions.

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