Princess of Wales pays homage to British heritage with Bahraini pearl , says DANAT CEO

Manama, May 6 (BNA): The CEO of the Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gems (Danat), Noura Jamsheer, said that Princess of Wales Kate Middleton recently wore dangling earrings of Bahraini pearls during the celebrations in preparation for the coronation of the King. Charles III of the United Kingdom is the continuation of a long-standing tradition among members of the British royal family. This serves to reaffirm the international reputation of the Bahraini pearl.

During the recent celebration in preparation for the coronation of King Charles III in the United Kingdom, Jamsheer recalled the original pearl necklace and pearl earrings worn on several occasions by the late Queen Elizabeth II.

When the Queen was asked about the reasons for her continued preference for the necklace, it was reported that it is a natural Bahraini pearl that she acquired half a century ago, but it still maintains its original color and luster as if it was newly made.

“The adornment of Bahraini pearls by eminent international women figures, in the form of necklaces, earrings and other exquisite pieces of jewelry, is a great way to enhance the uniqueness of these unique natural pearls.

Bahraini pearls have been the prominent cornerstone of Bahrain’s regional and global reputation, further emphasizing the message that Bahrain constantly sends to the world, which reflects Bahrain’s rich heritage and civilization.

Wearing or possessing Bahraini pearls not only gives a unique sense of uniqueness and exclusivity, but also instills a deep source of pride for everyone who cherishes them.”

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Jamsheer pointed out that British, French and American jewelers have visited Bahrain throughout history to purchase the finest and finest natural Bahraini pearls directly from their source.

These pearls were transported to different parts of the world, where jewelers perfected their crafting and presentation.

She emphasized that Danat Institute is dedicated to participating in international conferences and events to promote Bahrain as a prominent center for the extraction and trade of natural pearls.

Over the past five years, Danat has successfully implemented the National Natural Pearl Plan, which seeks to make Bahrain a global center for the examination of natural pearls.

In addition, the laboratory became the first of its kind in the field of testing pearls and precious stones.

“Danat bears a great responsibility both nationally and globally to protect the precious pearl of Bahrain. Our duties extend beyond conservation and include ensuring sustainable extraction, preserving its integrity, and further enhancing its reputation as one of the most valuable and unique assets. We acknowledge the weight of our commitment and remain committed to fulfilment,” Jamsheer said. with the utmost dedication and expertise.”


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