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CIS is currently recruiting an experienced PowerSchool Coordinator to join.

The PowerSchool Coordinator plays an essential role in running the school and is primarily responsible for:
(1) Correct enrollment for each student and
(2) the integrity and smooth operation of the school’s student information system. Recording Coordinator / PowerSchool
Students register directly and collaborate with different departments to secure relevant information and submit required forms.
The Enrollment Coordinator/PowerSchool also manages the school’s student information database, runs queries to extract information, coordinates data reports, and trains/supports users.

Extensive working knowledge of Pearson PowerSchool/PowerTeacher;
Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems or a related subject;
Two years experience in a similar role;
Experience in student registration and information systems.
Strong quantitative analytical skills.
– Excellent communication skills.
Expert knowledge of Excel, Access and/or other data analysis software as well as complementary software;
– The ability to integrate third-party applications and databases is preferable;
Some knowledge of computer programming is desirable but not necessary for this role.

Welcome to a school that responds to the needs of international students in the 21st century. We live in an international society, so our school must provide a learning environment that cultivates the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to compete in an increasingly global society. Right from the arch nestled at the entrance to CIS, students, parents, teachers and staff know that they are walking into a facility that has been purposely designed for the community of learners to meet the demands of our international world.

At CIS, the Alberta Study Program provides the world-renowned Standards and Curriculum Framework to Support Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL), a student-centered educational philosophy that has been shown to increase students’ problem-solving abilities. Students are presented with a guiding question, and then they must use their prior knowledge and skills to build direct and meaningful associations to solve the problem. Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science, ICT, and Fine Arts blend as they are explored in real-life contexts that require multiple intelligences and allow them to shine.

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