NIHR trained 3,000 individuals in 2022

Manama, Mar. 5 (BNA): The Secretary-General of the National Institution for Human Rights, Counselor Yasser Ghanem Shaheen, affirmed that training national competencies in all fields aims to promote a culture of human rights according to innovative methods and international best practices are among the priorities of the National Institution for Human Rights.

Shaheen revealed that the General Secretariat of the National Institution for Human Rights trained more than 3,000 individuals in 2022, by organizing personal and virtual events, noting that 54% of the beneficiaries are males and 46 dollars are females, from all age groups, including children and youth, and members of the authority. legislature, public officials, law enforcement officials, the press and media, as well as organizations affiliated with civil society organizations.

He added that the National Institution for Human Rights is constantly working on preparing integrated programs aimed at promoting legal culture and human rights among all social groups.


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