NIHR president praises royal directives

Manama, October 11 (BNA) The National Institute for Human Rights, Ali Ahmed Al-Dirazi, expressed his appreciation and pride in the royal directives to continue national efforts to advance human rights in Bahrain, by starting to work on and opening reform centers. Prisons, ensuring the reintegration of program beneficiaries into society, and enhancing community cohesion.

Al-Darazi pointed out that the Kingdom is one of the first Arab countries to implement the alternative punishment system that is in line with international human rights standards and the protocols of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights with regard to humane treatment of prisoners and respect for human dignity. As well as the positive impact of alternative punishment, which helps in the rehabilitation of the convicts and their reintegration into society.

He stressed that the Kingdom’s adoption of reform and rehabilitation methods reflects the serious will to develop political systems and achieve social and psychological stability for the families of the convicts.

Ali Al-Darazi called for accelerating the realization of the royal directives to apply alternative punishments to include larger segments of the convicts, calling on all private and civil sectors to accept those to whom their alternative penalties and procedures apply, to contribute effectively to society.


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