Tamkeen CEO meets Silah Gulf Chairman

Manama, Nov. 13 (BNA): In line with its commitment to fostering partnerships with private sector enterprises and employers, Tamkeen Chief Executive, Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez met with the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) Chief Executive and Silah Gulf Chairman, Mohammed Ali Al Qaed; and Silah Gulf CEO, Feras Ahmed.

During the meeting, Tamkeen showcased key features of the recently announced program bundles targeting new labor market entrants and its focus on career development for all Bahrainis. These bundles aim to support 50,000 Bahrainis annually and are aligned with Tamkeen’s ongoing efforts to enhance the positioning of Bahrainis as the employees of choice in the labor market.

Maha Abdulhameed Mofeez commented that the visit was part of a series of initiatives aimed at fostering partnerships with private sector enterprises across various sectors by proactively engaging with key labor market players and keeping them informed of Tamkeen’s latest programs. The objective is to maximize the impact of these programs in creating quality employment opportunities and supporting the career development of nationals in the private sector.

Shehighlighted Silah Gulf’s key role in the market through activities such as managing call centers, customer experience innovation, providing external business support, training, consulting, and ICT. These efforts align with Tamkeen’s role to enhance national employment and career development and provide innovative solutions that cater to diverse labor market needs and foster private sector growth.

Mohammed Ali Al Qaed, iGA Chief Executive and Silah Gulf Chairman, praised these new initiatives launched by Tamkeen, highlighting the vital role they play in supporting career development for the Bahraini workforce within Silah Gulf, which currently stands at over 570 Bahraini employees. He continued to confirm that the company will be among the first to avail Tamkeen’s support to empower their Bahraini talent and support their career growth.

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The meeting also highlighted Tamkeen’s recently announced Career Development Initiative which aims to accelerate career growth for national talent by supporting wage increments for Bahraini employees. As part of this initiative Tamkeen will support an increment of 5% to 20% of the current wage with a maximum of BHD 300 for a period of 24 months. Furthermore, Tamkeen will provide support that enables the upskilling of Bahraini employees by covering the total cost of professional qualification programs and facilitates the employment of Bahrainis in executive and leadership positions by supporting 50% of their wages for a period of 24 months.



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