Gas leak kills at least 16 in South Africa

Johannesburg, July 6 (BNA): At least 16 people were killed in a settlement in South Africa after being poisoned in a gas leak, the head of the regional government said.

Reuters reported that investigations are under way to determine the type of gas involved in Wednesday’s accident, Reuters reported.

“Sixteen is the number that has been verified. The team has confirmed to me that they have done a recount,” Lisofi said. Earlier media reported that 24 people had died.

Neither Lesovy nor the media explained how the leak occurred. The media reported that the gas may be related to illegal mining.

Forensic workers in hazmat suits were seen combing the area with the help of the police.

The corpses of the victims were scattered in the area, Lisofi said, adding that the youngest of them was one year old.

“It’s not a pleasant sight at all, it’s not a pleasant sight. It’s traumatic, emotionally draining and tragic,” the prime minister said.

A gas tanker explosion in Boksburg in December killed dozens, injured dozens, and destroyed homes and vehicles.


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